Saturday, December 6, 2008

What kind of name is "Chunky Munky?"

So, I know you're probably wondering, "what was she thinking with that name??" Who names their blog The Chunky Munky, right? WELL, if you had seen my second child at birth, then you would understand where the name originated from...Weighing in at a lovely 9 lbs 10ozs, she made mommy decide that she would never say NO to pain meds during pregnancy EVER again. BUT that's beside the point considering there are absolutely NO plans for anymore little munchkins. I am very content with the two little divas that I have :o) Well, I digress... back to the name thing. I had been wracking my brain for months trying to decide on a suitable name for the boutique that I had high hopes for starting one day, but I could never seem to find anything that didn't sound completely stupid or frufru. From day one, we started calling my youngest(previous said chunky baby) our little chunky monkey. Then, after a week I had one of those enlightening moments where you think, "Wow, that's perfect, and why didn't I think of that before." And now it is pretty self-explanatory where this blog's name came from. I decided to continue on using it despite the lack of my boutique which may reoccur down the line after our little Germany trip, but until then it will be the name for my snazzy little piece of the blogging world.

My little Chunky Munky

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