Monday, June 22, 2009

A new dress!

Okay, I know I've been MIA for a few weeks, but I have just been so busy and distracted with all of my new projects that I have going on around here! Not to mention, the two little munchkins that keep me on my toes 24/7. I finally got around to making a new dress for the little diva, and I think it is officially my favorite pattern so far! It turned out so cute, and she kept telling me how pretty it was and that she loved wearing it. Mommy was more than ecstatic to hear those words! If you want an adorable and super quick dress, you have to check out this pattern by The Handmade Dress. This little number only took me about an hour and a half, maybe two, to make, which means I almost finished it during naptime. That's something you can't help but LOVE!



Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rude and Pathetic!

Due to some VERY rude and uncalled for comments that were received anonymously (which that will now be ending as well, sorry to any family or followers that don't hold google accounts) on a previous post of my baby, I have removed that particular post. It just disgusts me what people will say about children, and I guess I should have know better than to post those photos. There are so many CHILDREN'S photography sites with the same type of pictures that I didn't expect it to be pinpointed like that in such a disgusting manner. I'm so ticked off right now that I'm contemplating removing all of the pictures of my children completely and ending it there. I blame myself for being so stupid as to think that people could see the simple innocence in a BABY picture and not distort it into something altogether different. I will be posting less and only select pictures of my children from this point on, and this includes on my photography blog as well. That was just too much for me to want to hear someone say about my child.