Wednesday, December 31, 2008

To cut or not to cut...

So, I decided to take a leap and cut my 2-yr old's hair today for only the 2nd time in her life. Let me tell you, that had to be one of the biggest decisions that I have made in awhile! Her curly hair is so adorable, and I kept having a huge debate in my head about what would look best and whether I really wanted to snip off any of those beautiful curls. BUT, it was starting to lose those cute little curlies because of the length and weight, which was also causing not-so-pretty pigtails and ponies. After a few days of thinking on it, I decided to cut off about 2 inches from the length. She was a perfect little angel and sat stone still (well, as still as can be expected for a 2-yr old, a few wiggles were squeezed in) while I cut off those precious locks. I was SOOOO happy that I followed through!! I now have those wonderful bouncy curls back along with the cute little piggies and ponies! No more having to make little loopy ponytails to keep it from looking thin and stringy! Sometimes the hardest decisions are the best choices.

"The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice." ~ George Eliot

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cookies & Traditions

Yesterday, my little girl made her first batch of Christmas cookies! She was so excited to help Grandma cut out each of the delicate little cookies. It was so cute watching her as she pushed down on the little cookie cutters and used all of her concentration to make sure she was very careful to be gentle when pulling them off to put on the pan. And the highlight of the event was the sprinkling of the sugar on the tops of each cookie. She got a little sugar happy with a few of the cookies, so they were extra sweet!

I think this is such a great tradition to start with the girls, and it should be very entertaining as the years go by. I hope that it will be something that they will continue to remember and enjoy, and maybe continue with their own kids.

"What an enormous magnifier is tradition! How a thing grows in the human memory and in the human imagination, when love, worship, and all that lies in the human heart, is there to encourage it." ~ Thomas Carlyle

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Soo cute!!

I LOVE this reversible pinafore tutorial that I found! This blogger is wonderful!! She has a number of other tutorials which look super easy and cute, and I can't wait to try my hand at this dress, especially for my little diva. What I really love about this is EVERYTHING, but I especially love that it is 2 outfits in one which makes for double duty. You know those times when your out for lunch at TGIFridays when your 2-yr old decides that she HAS to have spaghetti for dinner, even though you need to run 20 more errands after? Well, now she can have that spaghetti and even though she will inevitably spill it on herself, you can reverse the dress, and BAM!! a new clean outfit! How absolutely wonderful is that? Also, I love the fact that it can be worn as a dress or shirt, just depending on how you make it. It can even grow with your child from dress to shirt. And that's not all, you can wear it in every season, just add a shirt underneath! Could this pinafore BE any better??? Can't wait to make some for my girls! Will post results when I get the chance to start after the holidays...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Little Diva

So, after that previous post all about one child, I figured that I should post a little something about my 1st born. She is my little princess with a little bit of tomboy as well. She is about as independent as they come and MUST do everything "by myself!!" but somehow still she cannot put that shoe on Barbie by herself (even though I have secretly seen her do it many times before). Typical two-year old, right? She is a beautiful little girl with a heart of gold though, and her latest new phrase is, "Mommy, I love you sooo much!" I know, I know, I'm being a sucker for falling for that, especially when she says it every single time that she gets into trouble. How can I resist those big brown eyes looking up at me with her arms wrapped around my legs and that cute little smile?? But truly, she does love everyone and everything, especially every known animal at the zoo. She is obsessed with zoo animals and pets, and with her very vivid imagination makes our entire house her own zoo of stuffed animals from the bears in the oven to the giraffe behind the couch. I will stop here because you will inevitably hear much more about her as time goes on, she is endlessly and always amusing us!

What kind of name is "Chunky Munky?"

So, I know you're probably wondering, "what was she thinking with that name??" Who names their blog The Chunky Munky, right? WELL, if you had seen my second child at birth, then you would understand where the name originated from...Weighing in at a lovely 9 lbs 10ozs, she made mommy decide that she would never say NO to pain meds during pregnancy EVER again. BUT that's beside the point considering there are absolutely NO plans for anymore little munchkins. I am very content with the two little divas that I have :o) Well, I digress... back to the name thing. I had been wracking my brain for months trying to decide on a suitable name for the boutique that I had high hopes for starting one day, but I could never seem to find anything that didn't sound completely stupid or frufru. From day one, we started calling my youngest(previous said chunky baby) our little chunky monkey. Then, after a week I had one of those enlightening moments where you think, "Wow, that's perfect, and why didn't I think of that before." And now it is pretty self-explanatory where this blog's name came from. I decided to continue on using it despite the lack of my boutique which may reoccur down the line after our little Germany trip, but until then it will be the name for my snazzy little piece of the blogging world.

My little Chunky Munky