Friday, January 30, 2009

Gotta Love This!

Okay, so I fed my 6 month old her first real finger food (that wasn't a Cheerio) today. I started with tofu because it's nice and squishy and easy to chew. Big sister loved it when she was little, so I thought I would give it another try this time around too. And let me tell you! She thought that was the best thing outside of stealing and chewing on her sister's Barbies HAHA. Here are a few absolutely adorable pictures of her having a grand time squishing and shoving and smiling away!

Hmm... SQUISH!!!

OHHH!! I LOVE this stuff!!

I know I'm cute :o)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting settled, FINALLY!

So, we have arrived! We have been in Germany for a week now, but what a completely hectic week for all of us. First of all, a 12 hour day spent flying and running all over airports with 2 kids under the age of 3 = CRAZINESS. But, they handled it very well, and we made it through the day. Upon arrival, 7:00am Germany time (while it was really midnight, at least for us), we headed to Heidelberg from Frankfurt airport (about 45 minute drive). After settling in our apartment, we all took a nice long nap which then caused us all to be up at 2:00am HAHA.

After a couple of days of recovery from jet lag, the next whirlwind of h*ll began. The girls and I all were hanging our heads over the toilet with a just lovely stomach virus that thankfully only lasted about 48 hours except for the little one, who is still having trouble keeping "everything" inside her diaper and not all over mommy's leg, YUCK.

OKAY, now that the first week is over and we are all much healthier and happier, let's hope this week goes better! We took a walk around our local area this morning and took a few pictures. Plus, I took a few pictures of our temporary apartment (going to look at houses tomorrow, YAY!). There are really some beautiful areas here, and I will add pictures as we go out and do more but at the moment we have only been around the base to the commissary, px, etc... not exactly breathtaking views hehe.

Okay, I just had to show this because it made me giggle.

Focus on the background and see the fantastic landscape.

Thought this was quaint, but don't ask me what that says.

Again, try to focus on the background and the houses on the hillside.

Just a typical German street

The girls' room, and I soooo miss having their individual rooms right now.

Our kitchen

Living Room

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Legislation!!

I am posting this item directly from the She Does Hair Blog because I think that this is something that MUST be read by anyone and everyone! This is going to put so many home-based businesses through the ringer, and I can't believe it is going this far. I guess I should feel lucky that our move to Germany means that I am no longer able to sell my baby items and hairbows. Geez, it looks as though this would have put me out of business anyway! Here's the exact post, please take it into consideration. Thanks!!

I know this is a hair blog. I am totally aware of that. However, today I feel the need to put something out there that may push readers away.

Soon, a United States law will go into affect that will have a profound impact on small business, including ALL on my sidebar. It is called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. It is a law that in essence, prohibits anyone from selling products to children under twelve without rigorous lead testing. This includes ANY products intended for use by a child. Small businesses, Etsy, E-bay, Craigslist, Freecycle, thrift stores, garage sales, even hand-me-downs are included in this measure.

I am disgusted. That means no more give-aways. I could be prosecuted if I give something to one of my readers. I would by law be required to provide a "chain" to where I received the item, and the person who donated the item as well. Can we say McCarthy?

All items that haven't been tested for lead by February 10th will be required to be thrown into a landfill. I am disgusted that the country I live in, who boasts of its many freedoms, would do something as heinous as this. So much for "going green".

I understand the need to test for lead, however the lead problems are from China. Not the beautiful heirloom doll house my dad made for me when I was a little girl. According to the law, instead of leaving it to my girls, we will have to toss it. You won't be able to give those hardly used clothes to Goodwill or your neice or neighbor. Clothing prices at retailers will go through the roof because of the sheer cost of testing each article of clothing. I was thinking today that it reminds me a lot of why our country established it's own union. Taxation without representation. The bottom line is what matters. Forcing people to buy retail instead of buying used. They can't tax clothing that has already been sold. No more boutique clothes. No more homemade puzzles. No more toys that Grandpa lovingly worked on for over a month.

What makes me even sicker is that OUR house passed it with no nays and only a few in the Senate. I have a pit in my stomach. I can only imagine who is in the back pockets of these lawmakers.

For living in a country that boasts being a democracy, it sure feels a lot like communism.

To see more about National Bankruptcy Day

To see how it will effect the prices of your children's clothing,

An article to see how this will effect thrift stores

How it will effect small business like Etsy

For a Facebook group that helps you to see how you may be able to change the law

Write your congressman! I just did!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our first REAL hairdo!

After that haircut yesterday, I decided to try out a new hairstyle that I had been looking at for the past week. Thanks to I was able to complete the first REAL hairdo that my 2 yr old has ever had (outside of ponies and pigtails). I absolutely loved this hairstyle. I thought it would be fantastic with her little bouncy curls (not to mention easy for my first attempt at something new). Her instructions were fabulous although my ponytails and knots weren't quite so fab (due to human error not teaching error). Also, I will definitely remember to use clear hairbands next time because my knots are just not quite good enough yet to not see the rubber bands. And my parts are lacking a little in the straightness category, but with a constantly moving head that can be slightly difficult. I still think it looked nice for my first attempt, and with her natural curls I didn't have to do anything past the ponytail steps. And YES, those are all natural curls, no curling iron required (thank goodness because I think I would be scared to try that as I am trying to chase my daughter across the room with the curling iron still attached to her head). I just had to show off my accomplishment and how cute it turned out! Maybe someday I will try to bravely attempt something even bigger and better...