Friday, April 24, 2009


We worked on our Kids Craft Weekly project today, and the Little Diva was super excited about her new robot. She absolutely could not wait to dig into that pile of felt and all of my button stash. After much thought about what colors to use and how many buttons to add to his tummy, she finally settled on her choices. Then, she got down to the business of gluing all of the pieces to the cardstock. I found this to be the most amusing part because she hates to get her hands messy, and you can imagine how much glue was getting all over her fingers while she was trying to chase those felt pieces down. After trying to enlist me to do it for her (but I wouldn't), she finally got over the mess and started to enjoy putting the whole picture together. Next, it was time to decide where to put all of thos pretty buttons that she had spent so much time picking out. By the time we were finished, almost an hour had slipped by, and this little fellow was born!


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