Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hundredth Zoo Trip, First German Zoo

The weather was so wonderful last weekend that I just had to go explore something or somewhere, and we had promised the Little Diva that we would take her to the zoo soon. So, we made our first trip to a German zoo at the Tiergarten Heidelberg (translation: Heidelberg Zoo). We had a great time, including having a lion close enough that a very brave/stupid person could have practically touched him/gotten their hand bitten off. We went with some friends that were in town which was great, and the kids had a fantastic time. I have to say that they let you get MUCH closer to the animals here than they would ever consider in stateside zoos, which is amazing and scary at the same time. Heidelberg’s zoo is a rather small zoo, so I wonder how things will be at the next zoo we visit… and I’m sure there will be a next, and a next, and a next….











Anonymous said...

Who are those other kids in the picture? All the pictures turned out so clear and I love Skylars pigtails.

mommyof2 said...

Those are some friends of ours that went to the zoo with us that day, and the kids were having such a great time that I couldn't help but take a ton of pics. And thanks!!