Monday, March 16, 2009

The Rainbow of Clippies

I have been working on clippies and hairbows for my girls and some other family members over the past few days (in between the unpacking of endless boxes). It is my way of relaxing, and it's a chance to think of something other than where I'm going to put my zillion framed pictures without using the unpenetrable cement walls.

Also, some of these clips and some of the hairbows in an upcoming post will be part of the first giveaway prize. I only need 7 more followers to reach 25, so come on girls!! It will be a great prize package, so grab your friends and have them come follow me too!


catt410 said...

If your girls have fine hair you can put a thin layer of a makeup sponge and they won't slip.

mommyof2 said...

I have heard of that but never tried it. I have a ton of extra sponges, so I should probably give it a go sometime lol. I have been using the non-slip grip, Gripzies, for awhile and love the ease of use. They have been working fantastically, especially on my little one. Thanks for the info!