Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finally Finished!

SO, I know I have been talking about this dress for like a month, but I finally finished it. With the move and the kids, life got a little hectic there for a minute, but now we're back on track. I think this kimono-style dress turned out really cute, just a tad big for the little munky, but I'm sure she will grow into it quickly. I love the "comfy" look and feel of the dress itself, and I have to say that the pattern was very simple and easy to follow. It took me just a couple of hours to make once I actually got started. The only thing that I didn't add was the tie that is supposed to be on the front waist because she would inevitably just sit and chew on it until it was an icky little mess. Otherwise, I followed the pattern for the 9-12 months, and it fit her just about perfectly (shockingly enough, since she's wearing 12-18 months in most things now LOL). This is one of the many different patterns included in Amy Butler's "little stitches for little ones" book. I highly recommend it to anyone with little ones or in need of a gift for a new mommy. So many ideas and all of which are very easy to follow and understand. Be sure to check it out!

Kimono-style dress 1

Kimono-style dress 2

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