Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm Back!

I finally have internet again! I was on the verge of going crazy without it due to my obsessive need to check my email 20 times a day. I did figure out that my days are much more productive when I don't have the computer around though. We are mostly unpacked except for the pile of boxes still left in the basement which I just can't bring myself to tackle right now, maybe this weekend. I am going to finally finish that dress for my little Chunky Munky this week, and I will be posting pics later on. It should turn out super cute, and I love the fabric that I chose for this one. The projects will start flowing more now that I am getting organized and have a little more space and time on my hands. Spring and summer are just around the corner, and I have so many ideas for clothing and patterns that I can barely keep them all straight!


Busy-Budget Moms said...

Okay, I SO know what you mean about checking your email 20 times a day! I do it too! What's weird is that I never get anything important or cool in it anyways! Lol.

mommyof2 said...

Yeah, me neither LOL. I swear it is like OCD for me HAHA!!

Paula and Skip said...

Hi There, nice to find your blog, another American blogging from germany and such a newcomer to me home country. A VERY WELCOME TO YOU ALL. I am a German transplant to Florida for reason of love and just moved to Tampa 3 months ago, oh well, had to interrupt my integration and returned to Germany fora surgery. I know life can be puzzling in Germany like in any other foreign country, however pelase feel free to contact me if you need any assistance of want to vent about the efficient but still germans ;-) Paula