Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Picture Perfect

So, here they are, as promised, just not in the same picture. It is nearly impossible to get them to actually sit together and crack a smile at the same time. One is usually pulling hair, while the other one is complaining about having to help hold her sister up. The outfits did turn out wonderful though, and they were each happy to give mommy one of their big beautiful grins (as long as they didn't have to share the spotlight).


Brittany said...

Your girls are absolutely adorable!! The fabric choices are awesome!! I am a beginner in making bows. I am about to purchase a sewing machine. (my family gave me money for Bday cause they knew that is what i wanted) I will definitely be back to your blogs to get step by step instructions on sewing. Brittany

Jennifer said...

Adorable? Is that your own pattern?

mommyof2 said...

Thank you! And no unfortunately it's not LOL. It is from the Sandi Henderson Portabello Pixie line of patterns. It's called the Claire. I absolutely LOVE this pattern!! I have a link under the post "I LOVE my serger!"