Friday, February 6, 2009

I LOVE my serger!

I am in love with my new serger! I have been sewing like crazy since I opened the box, and I can't wait to make more outfits for the girls. This is my most recent project, which is the "Claire" peasant top from Sandi Henderson's Portabello Pixie patterns. Also, I used fabric from her gorgeous Farmer's Market line. Of course, I made them coordinate, so that the girls would match! I love the fact that they have such a finished look on the inside, and my favorite feature is the ability to do a rolled hem. This is one thing that I absolutely adore. It looks so much more professional than a plain, folded topstitch hem, especially on shirts like these. Considering this was one of my first serging projects, I think it turned out pretty nice. Although, I did have to do some slight alterations to the necklines because they were slightly large for both my girls. It doesn't seem to be too noticeable though. I will post a picture of them both wearing their new clothes as soon as I can get them both in the same place sitting still at the same time!!

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