Friday, March 12, 2010

Planting Seeds - Day 1

Yesterday, the Little Diva and I started planting all of the seeds that we bought earlier this week.  She filled the trays with the "Jiffy-Mix" seed-starting soil (which we conveniently used with the seed-starting "you can plant directly in the ground" tray/cups) , and I helped her water everything.  Then, we added all of our new seeds, one veggie/fruit/spice at a time.  First, we added our tomatoes, then carrots, strawberries, chives, and last of all, cilantro.

Now, anyone who has been in my life for long knows that I do NOT have a green thumb.  I can't even keep a basic ivy plant alive in my house.  The only thing that I have ever been able to sustain and keep alive were some tulip bulbs that I planted in my backyard once when we lived in Iowa, and I really can't take full credit for that.  They just arrived on their own every March, and if they were lucky I would remember to water them until they finished blooming.

So, with that in mind, we shall see how this gardening thing goes HAHA!  The Little Diva can't wait for the "green plants" to show up, and she made sure to check them and see if they were there yet today.  She loves it so much that I am going to try my very hardest to keep my poor plant habits from surfacing! Wish us luck!!


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